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December 8: The Blue Marble

8 Dec 2012, 00:18 UTC
December 8: The Blue Marble
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The iconic picture of Earth taken by the Apollo 17 crew. All 3 astronauts took photographs and it’s not known which one took this image.
Original caption: View of the Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 crew traveling toward the moon. This translunar coast photograph extends from the Mediterranean Sea area to the Antarctica south polar ice cap. This is the first time the Apollo trajectory made it possible to photograph the south polar ice cap. Note the heavy cloud cover in the Southern Hemisphere. Almost the entire coastline of Africa is clearly visible. The Arabian Peninsula can be seen at the northeastern edge of Africa. The large island off the coast of Africa is the Malagasy Republic. The Asian mainland is on the horizon toward the northeast.

There is still much to learn from the Apollo 17 mission. Moon Zoo needs your help to explore the Apollo 17 landing site. Celebrate the anniversary with us. Go to http://www.moonzoo.org/ and start clicking! Follow “live” mission tweets from @moonzoo

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