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DAVID BOOD - Voyager One Where Are You Now?

2 Dec 2012, 11:52 UTC
DAVID BOOD - Voyager One Where Are You Now?
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This artist's concept shows NASA's two Voyager spacecraft exploring a turbulent region of Space known as the Heliosheath, the outer shell of the bubble of charged particles around our Sun. Image credit: NASA/JPL-CaltechAt the end of July 2012 NASA reported that Voyager 1 was heading towards interstellar space. The spacecraft which is racing out into the Galaxy is continuing to provide NASA with useful data.The craft which can monitor cosmic rays, has detected high energy cosmic rays. However these rays are originating from outside our solar system.According to the data from Voyager 1 the levels of lower energy particles which originate within our solar system have been undergoing a faster rate of change than at any other time over a seven year period.The data showed a 5% jump in high energy particles and on July 28th 2012 the data showed a 50% drop in lower energy particles.However do not panic three days later things normalised.What voyager has shown is a sharper increase and decrease in cosmic rays which had not been seen before.'Voyager continues to surprise scientists' comments Edward Stone, a Voyager project scientist based at the California Institute of Technology, said in a statement.In this artist's concept, NASA's Voyager ...

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