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@HabWorlds Twitter Digest, 2012-11-12 to 2012-11-18

19 Nov 2012, 00:01 UTC
@HabWorlds Twitter Digest, 2012-11-12 to 2012-11-18
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Here are the tweets from Ariel Anbar, author of the @HabWorlds twitter feed for the week of 2012-11-12 to 2012-11-18 Continue reading →

NASA's Kepler Completes Prime Mission, Begins Extended Mission http://t.co/YB16Rw6v 22:16:25
A Galaxy Far, Far Away is Furthest in Universe http://t.co/79Tozvms 22:16:06
Mars Mission Instrument Package Delivered http://t.co/BXCNWcjG 22:15:29
Life in the Clouds. http://t.co/cpbP2igS 01:00:55
Curiosity Rover's Chemistry Lab Takes 1st First Taste of Mars Soil http://t.co/5bpa9o6l 22:09:42
Lost in Space: Rogue Planet Spotted? – Orphaned world may help to explain how planets and stars form http://t.co/1hWISSep 14:06:18
The Key to Science (and Life) Is Being Wrong http://t.co/caXx7RIM 21:33:37
Small lethal tools have big implications for early modern human complexity | ASU News – http://t.co/XGvRALS2 17:27:15
Almost Being There: Why the Future of Space Exploration Is Not What You Think http://t.co/MA4sSEea 14:30:33

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