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Chinese Long March 2C lofts Huanjing-1C into orbit

18 Nov 2012, 23:15 UTC
Chinese Long March 2C lofts Huanjing-1C into orbit
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China conducted its 16th orbital launch of the year by orbiting the third satellite on its Environmental Protection & Disaster Monitoring Constellation. The Huanjing-1C (Environment-1C) satellite was launched at 23:00 UTC on Sunday from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center’s LC9 Launch Platform using the Long March 2C (Chang Zheng-2C) launch vehicle.
Chinese Launch:
This was the 171st successful Chinese orbital launch, the 171st launch of a Chang Zheng launch vehicle, the 41st successful orbital launch from Taiyuan and the fifth launch from Taiyuan this year.
The HJ-1 satellites are a network of Earth observing satellites owned by the National Committee for Disaster Reduction and State Environmental Protection Administration of China, with the objective to establish an operational Earth observing system for disaster monitoring and mitigation using remote sensing technology and to improve the efficiency of disaster mitigation and relief.
The main application fields for China are environmental monitoring and prediction, solid waste monitoring, disaster monitoring and prediction (flood, drought, typhoon and wind damage, sand storm, earthquake, land creep, frost and grassland fires, coal fires, crop pest monitoring, ocean disaster monitoring). The program was ratified in 2003 by the Chinese authorities.
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