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How did I wind up with a pit bull?

28 Oct 2012, 06:59 UTC
How did I wind up with a pit bull?
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Here at CV, we have proven ourselves willing to wade into the fray on contentious topics — religion, gender politics, the reality of string theory. In honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day, I thought I’d take on another one, and explain how a rational adult with elementary school kids could wind up adopting a pit bull.

1. The gateway pit bull
A few years ago, while picking up my youngest daughter at kindergarten, I passed a brindled pit bull, tied to the fence. I immediately got my judgey-mom hackles up — “Who would tie a pit bull up in front of a school?!?! Where there are kids?!?!!”. Before I could go inside, the dog’s family came out of the school, and it took about 3 seconds of observation to recognize that what I was perceiving as a threat was actually an incredibly sweet affectionate dog. Who just happened to have a skull the size of a brick.
We later all became friends, and I found out more about Daisy’s backstory. Daisy had been adopted from the shelter, where she had been rescued from being a “bait dog” (used to train other pit bulls to fight). In spite of the ...

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