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Up and Down the Marius Hills

22 Oct 2012, 10:10 UTC
Up and Down the Marius Hills
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Looking a little like a lunar air base complete with landing strips this patch of rugged terrain was posted on the forum by kodemunkey who came across it on one of his regular visits to the Marius hills region of Oceanus Procellarum. It’s difficult to see what’s going on without looking at the wider picture. Below are 2 views of the immediate surroundings under different illumination angles. It’s a good example of how the appearance of the lunar landscape changes under different sun angles. The pale tracks in the first image appear black in the second and only by examining both images can we get a full picture of the surrounding terrain. Click on the NAC references to explore the area in more detail. Note the NACs are rotated 1800 and the following images are corrected for north up.

Incidence angle 75.3
NACs M193289571LE and M193289571RE

Incidence angle 36.2
NACs M183861185LE and M183861185RE

14.3N -50.6W
An even wider view places the feature north west of Marius R crater in an area where the outer rays from Aristarchus, Kepler and several craters to the west overlap on the eastern edge of the Marius hills. This particularly rugged terrain is also marked ...

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