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Like two trains passing in the night… a year apart

13 Oct 2012, 13:00 UTC
Like two trains passing in the night… a year apart
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Randy Halverson is no stranger to the BABlog: his astrophotography is fantastic, and his time lapse videos stunning.
Last year, in early October, he was taking frames of the night sky for a time lapse video when he caught a bright meteor that left what’s called a persistent train: a trail that continues to glow for several minutes. He sent me a note about it, and I wound up writing a blog post about this relatively rare event.
OK, cool enough, But then, just a few days ago, he emailed me again: while out filming at the same exact location, he saw another meteor that also left a persistent train, almost exactly a year after the first one! It’s a funny coincidence.
Here’s the new shot:

[Click to ablatenate.]
This picture was taken in central South Dakota. The Milky Way dominates the dark sky here, and the trees provide a nice silhouetted foreground.
You can compare it to last year’s meteor here. Given the Milky Way in the frame, he was facing south to take these, and the more ...

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