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Twisted Physics

The Pros and Cons of Many Worlds

20 Aug 2009, 19:02 UTC
The Pros and Cons of Many Worlds
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Don't you just love a good scientific debate on cutting-edge physics theories? Yeah, me too. So I was pleased when Physics and Cake linked to this terrific BloggingHeads TV diavlog between physicist/bloggers Scott Aaronson (MIT; his blog is Shtetl-Optimized) and Eliezer Yudkowsky of the Singularity Institute and the blog Less Wrong. Among the topics under discussion: the Many Worlds theory of the universe. Eliezer is pro, Scott is mostly con -- as in, he thinks the theory is ridiculous while acknowledging it might still be right. A clip giving the "Pro" side is below. Head on over toe BloggingHeads.tv for the full diavlog and/or Scott's response. Enjoy!

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