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Cosmic Variance


5 Oct 2012, 05:23 UTC
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If you’ve ever spent much time around astronomers, you’ll know that they tend to like their theme wear — space ties, galaxy t-shirts, satellite lapel pins, etc.
To this list, I am thrilled beyond measure to add space clogs. Yes, space clogs. Dansko has come out with a limited edition “Stargazer” version of their standard “Professional” line clog, and I was compelled to pre-order them because… well… they’re space clogs.

They just arrived today, and they’re even more magnificent that I’d hoped. Not only do they have an extremely realistic star field on them (with diffraction spikes and everything), but the left shoe even hosts a young stellar cluster near the toe (click on the image for a better look). Besides being simply AWESOME, young stellar clusters are something that members of my research team are studying right now. In short, we have data that looks like my shoes.

(PS. Gotta give a shout out to Jerry at Little’s Shoes in Pittsburgh, who helped make this possible!)

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