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Time Talk

18 Sep 2012, 21:14 UTC
Time Talk
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With The Particle at the End of the Universe scheduled to come out in November, most of the popular-level talks I’ll be giving in the near future will have to do with the LHC and the Higgs boson — and quantum field theory, as part of my secret agenda to get QFT accepted as part of the mainstream pop-sci vocabulary. So I’ll be giving fewer talks about the arrow of time, at least near-term. I thought I’d commemorate the occasion by sharing the slides I used for a recent version of this talk: “The Origin of the Universe and the Arrow of Time.” Not that I’m by any stretch done talking about it, but hopefully the next time the occasion arises I’ll have the energy to make up new slides from scratch.

The Origin of the Universe and the Arrow of Time from Sean Carroll

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