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Rampaging Herds Of Fat Space Cows Built The Planets*

18 Aug 2009, 00:21 UTC
Rampaging Herds Of Fat Space Cows Built The Planets*
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Our understanding about how the planets in the Solar System evolved has just taken a huge leap forward with a new paper published in the journal, Icarus.

According to current theories, the dusty proto-planetary disk surrounding the sun during Solar System evolution spawned the accretion of small rocky bodies that gradually clumped together to form larger and larger asteroids. These asteroids then gradually swept up debris from the disk, eventually forming planetary bodies.

But there's a problem, the accreting asteroids would have dropped out of solar orbit due to drag caused by the dust and gas in the sun's accretion disk. So how did the material that makes up the asteroids and planets in our Solar System avoid being eaten by the sun?

*In case you were wondering about this obscure title, be patient, all will be revealed... DISCLAIMER: The title has little to do with the research mentioned in this article and it certainly does not reflect the views of the scientists involved in this fascinating research. Linking cows with asteroids is a product of the authors questionable imagination only.

Although the bedrock theory of planetary formation is largely accurate, there has been some confusion as to how the ...

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