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Carnival of Space 264, One Small Step

30 Aug 2012, 09:53 UTC
Carnival of Space 264, One Small Step
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It’s fallen to me to host this week’s Carnival of Space . Sorry about the delay. It’s been a week of contrasting emotions for space exploration fans.
Neil Armstrong
Sadly, Neil Armstrong, the fist man to set foot on the Moon died on Saturday, Aug. 25, 2012, at age 82, there are a couple of tribute to him. A short one by me and one by the Urban Astronomer. There are more next week.
Other causes to stop and think this week
On the Chandra X-Ray observatory blog they are remembering that seventeen years ago this week, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar passed away.
Links Through Space asks, “Do you remember the Plank satellite?” and tells us how to build one at home.
Debunk a myth here
Panic now, the 21 December 2012 is almost upon us. People are starting to remember that we’re all supposed to meet a grisly end before long. Urban Astronomer cuts to the heart of why there’s nothing to worry about. Here is his official position.
Which is a safe position, because if he is wrong, there will no one around to tell him, “I told you so.”
While the Astroblogger takes a swing at the claim that ...

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