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Twisted Physics

Lost Lessons

10 Aug 2009, 20:06 UTC
Lost Lessons
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We have rather belatedly found ourselves addicted to Lost in our household. I know, I know, friends have been raving about it for years, but I resisted because, frankly, I had a feeling that once we started watching, we wouldn't be able to stop. I was right: the first four episodes of Season 1 comprise some of the best television I've ever seen. Who knew 40+ people stranded on a desert island could be so dramatically compelling? Now we can't stop watching, and are slogging our way through the DVDs to try and catch up before the final season begins this fall. From a physics perspective, the most interesting season has to be Season 5, wherein the main story arc rested on time travel/temporal anomalies. We did see a few episodes, in part because Sean was interviewed for the DVD extras, to be released this fall, along with two University of Southern California physicists, Nick Warner (who studied under Stephen Hawking) and Clifford Johnson (who writes the Asymptotia blog, among his many other research and outreach activities). The writers clearly did their homework when it comes to researching the most famous tropes on time in science fiction. In-jokes abound, along ...

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