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Space Camp Diaries: A Teacher's Perspective

10 Aug 2009, 07:05 UTC
Space Camp Diaries: A Teacher's Perspective
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In this special guest post for Space Disco, Kunal Pujara, a science teacher and "Shoot for the Moon" contest winner, shares his diary of his first few days at last week's Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Over the coming days, we'll also be seeing Space Camp from the perspective of high school sophomore Azza Cohen.

What a wonderful way to learn about and experience space flight...

BACKGROUND: "For most people, Space Camp is as close as you'll get to training like a real astronaut. During the week-long program, attendees get hands-on training and learn about the mental, emotional, and physical demands astronauts must face. Camp-goers feel what it's like to walk on the moon, experience a simulated tumble in space, and alternate roles in mission control and shuttle crew during two different Space Shuttle missions.

In a series of posts, Kunal Pujara, a science teacher at Highland Park High School in Highland Park, Ill., details his experiences at Space Camp. Kunal, one winner of the "Shoot for the Moon" contest, is taking the trip courtesy of the Adler Planetarium and ComEd, Illinois' largest electric utility." --Rachel Gerds, ComEd.

Kunal's Diary: Sunday 8/2/2009:

My AP physics students gave me a ...

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