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NewSpace Conf - Fri. Mornng Session2 - Biz plan competition

27 Jul 2012, 17:25 UTC
NewSpace Conf - Fri. Mornng Session2 - Biz plan competition
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The NewSpace Business Plan Competition has started. The panel of judges were introduced. Now the biz plan presentations from each of the 10 entrants.

- Digital Solid State Propulsion
-- "high performance electrically controlled solid and liquid propellants"
-- Markets include spacecraft propulsion but also include oil/gas mining explosives, special effects in movies, etc.
- Non-toxic
- Low power requirements
- If excess payload available on a launch, could strap on one of these propulsion modules to provide longer active life.
- So far have been turning revenue back into the company.
- Govt has paid for most of the development so far. (Sounds like mostly SBIRs)

- "bioengineered reactive coatings"
- "clean and disinfect spacecraft interior surfaces of nearly any kind of volatile chemical, toxin, or biohazard, thus enhancing crew livability on long duration space missions, along with many other uses."
- addresses the many human factor issues facing deep space missions
- ExoCoat coatings can help with such issues and also provide benefits in 1g
- Every man-made article has coatings(s)
- At the microscopic scale, the surface areas are immense.
- Turn that into a plus rather than negative
- Coatings on military vehicles ...

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