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NewSpace Conf - Afternoon Session 2, continue...

27 Jul 2012, 02:00 UTC
NewSpace Conf - Afternoon Session 2, continue...
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Missed the STEM panel. Will post the video if it becomes available.
Future of Commercial Space - Philip McAlister (NASA Commercial Crew Program (CCP)
- Nope, won't announce the winners of the next round of commercial crew. will be announced soon.
- Discusses the attributes of the commercial approach (tired of the whole "what is commercial" issue)
- CP has reduces the NASA-controlled requirements
- 5% of Shuttle requirements
- Traditional approach appropriate for one-of-a-kind technically-ambitious program where NASA is the only customer
- Forecast for demand for launches - 60 to 80 per year - is flat over over the next 10 years
- That won't change unless something new happens.
- Need more people doing things in space as opposed to building hardware to get there

- Yes, they are open to unfunded space act agreements in the next round.

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