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NewSpace Conf - Luncheon & Afternoon Session 1

26 Jul 2012, 22:28 UTC
NewSpace Conf - Luncheon & Afternoon Session 1
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Doug Messier is reporting on the meeting as well:
Greetings from NewSpace 2012 - Parabolic Arc

Mark Sirangelo's Luncheon Talk
- Discusses Sally Ride
- Lauds her work on Augustine panel and education programs
- She told him she hoped for a day when applications had no personal category checkboxes
- Sirangelo lives in Colorado and discussed the shooting.
- Had employees out that night to see the late showings of the Batman movie but none were at the shooting.
- Thinks about the song "Live Like You Are Dying"
- Had changed his flight from one that was lost on 9/11
- So these things help with taking in perspective the ups and downs of projects
- "Is the world really upside down? A brief look at our NewSpace Race"
- COTS was supported by Griffin, Bush administration, Sen. Shelby in eartly 60s.
- Started with hefty $500M funding.
- A key aspect was to spur on new entrants
- Audacious - a favorite word. Impossible - least favorite
- Decisions to Reshape Reality "Eppur si muove"
- Change is ...

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