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NewSpace Conf - Thurs. Mornng Session 2

26 Jul 2012, 19:02 UTC
NewSpace Conf - Thurs. Mornng Session 2
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Not Your Traditional Commercial Crew and Cargo Panel
- Dr. Alex Saltman
- Adam Harris (SpaceX)
- Jeff Patton (United Launch Alliance)
- Mark Sirangelo (SNC)
- Dennis Stone (NASA Commercial Crew Program (CCP))

- COTS - 2 new launchers, 2 new cargo carriers for $800M
- New model for doing projects.
- Can the model be used elsewhere?
- Sustainability of commercial services requires non-NASA customers

- SNC components on may spacecraft including Curiosity
- Motor projects going well
- Dream Chaser moving along well also
- Working on DC for 9 years, part of that time on SAA with NASA
- PDR of entire system completed
- First drop test later this year at Edwards. Similar flight profile to Shuttle Enterprise.
- Colorado test brought out a big & unexpected crowd.
- Shows new promo video

- SpaceX believes COTS model is a great one.
- Shows COTS23 highlights video
- Cost spiral - higher launch leads to more expensive spacecraft as more systems are added and testing expands.
- Only $200k of a $50M flight is for fuel.
- Reusability key to big reductions in cost.
- Mission of SpaceX is to lower costs ...

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