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Twisted Physics

Dark Side of the Moon

7 Aug 2009, 06:08 UTC
Dark Side of the Moon
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Can everyone stomach one last moon landing post after the media deluge of last month? I hope so, because I've just stumbled on this most excellent bloggy rumination by Carlos Hotta of Brazillion Thoughts, a recent addition to the SEED Science Blogs family. Hotta muses on the difficulties we mere humans face in grasping the sheer distance and dimensions of our moon, and translates the size scale into an unusual metric: pixels.But then he moves on to ponder the terrible loneliness of one Michael Collins, better known as the forgotten astronaut in that historical moon landing 40 years ago. Collins was the unlucky dude who had to stay behind on the spacecraft while Armstrong and Aldrin made history -- orbiting around and around all by himself until the moon walk mission was completed. Collins produced a written record of his isolation. As Hotta tells it:"I am alone now, truly alone, and absolutely isolated from any known life." wrote Michael Collins while he was orbiting the Moon alone. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were walking in our satellite for the first time in our epic naked-primate history. Collins' loneliness may not seem so great if you imagine that, even though he ...

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