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The Space Review this week

25 Jul 2012, 06:17 UTC
The Space Review this week
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The new issue of The Space Review begins with Sylvia Engdahl postulating that deep seated fears of change and the unknown caused the lag in space exploration and development that followed Apollo: Confronting the universe in the 21st century.

Wayne Eleazer explains that while the commercial crew program represents a profound change from the way NASA has previously carried out human launch system development and operation, the commercial approach matches what has been done for the launching of unmanned payloads: Commercialization or normalization?[...] NASA’s use of “commercial” space launch capabilities utilizes the much the same approach employed for unmanned missions. Companies design and build their own hardware and NASA acts in an oversight role. While startlingly new for human spaceflight, it’s the approach used for unmanned missions since just about forever and especially since the mid-1980’s. The “new” approach will have some real, immediate, and direct benefits for manned missions and could conceivably have some transformative long-range advantages.
Jeff Foust notes the anniversary of the first live international TV transmission via the Telstar satellite fifty years ago and reflects on the subsequent impact that satellite communications and other space services have had on modern society. Like many successful infrastructure ...

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