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XCOR Lynx users guide released

24 Jul 2012, 18:20 UTC
XCOR Lynx users guide released
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XCOR Aerospace releases a users guide for their XCOR Lynx suborbital vehicle:

XCOR Releases Payload User's Guide for Lynx Suborbital Vehicle
Mojave, California (July 24, 2012): XCOR Aerospace announced today that the Lynx suborbital vehicle's Payload User's Guide (PUG) is now available online from XCOR's website (www.xcor.com/contact/pug).

XCOR Program Manager Khaki Rodway noted that "publication of the guide is a significant evolutionary step for XCOR, our payload integration partners, and scientists and educators who are ready to use our suborbital reusable launch vehicle such as the participants in NASA's Flight Opportunities Program and our other commercial research customers." The end user who downloads the Payload User's Guide online will also be registered to receive automatic updates.

The Payload User's Guide is central to each research and education mission (REM) flying with the Lynx. Designed to provide XCOR payload integration partners and REM specialists with information about the Lynx and its services, the guide gives direct access to vital information on the interfaces and requirements for experiments that will interface with the Lynx systems. The guide will also enable customers to work more effectively with XCOR's Payload integration partners, who include Southwest Research Institute of San Antonio and Boulder, NanoRacks ...

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