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More about SPG paraffin fueled hybrid rocket motors

29 Jun 2012, 22:11 UTC
More about SPG paraffin fueled hybrid rocket motors
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Jeff Foust writes about Space Propulsion Group's paraffin hybrid rocket technology: SPG seeks to demonstrate a new approach to hybrid rocket motors - NewSpace Journal.

Jeff and I and some others participated today in a teleconference in which president and CTO Arif Karabeyoglu gave an update on the company's R&D, on today's test, and on their plans for the future. Here are some of my notes from the telecon:
/-- Since the founding of SPG in 1999, they have focus primarily on research into paraffin fueled hybrids.
/-- Funding has come from a variety of sources, including USAF and NASA.
/-- Have worked with Scaled and Virgin, especially on safety issues of nitrous oxide
/-- They want to be a one-stop shop for hybrids, offering R&D, development, software, consulting, and hardware.
/-- They believe in hybrids because of safety, mechanical and chemical simplicity, no active cooling, low development and operations costs.
/-- Hybrids have been handicapped by low regression rates (i.e. burn rates)
/-- They also have low frequency instabilities
/-- SPG sought to solve these drawbacks in ways that did not undercut hybrid advantages
/-- Usually, slow burn rates in hybrids were handled by casting multiple ports ...

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