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GEO sat launch costs

29 Jun 2012, 18:56 UTC
GEO sat launch costs
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I recently linked to this Space News article about AsiaSat booking rides on ILS launchers for their GEO communications satellites as backups to their SpaceX Falcon 9 reservations. Something that I should have pointed out is that this article does give some launch price info. Satellite launch prices are usually proprietary, with SpaceX being the exception.

The article states:
/-- $52.2M per sat for SpaceX Falcon 9 (consistent with the F9 page)
/-- $107M per sat for ILS Proton

ILS requires a deposit of $10.3 million to reserve a launch. No word on the F9 deposit but probably also in the 10% range.

It's often said that since launch costs are only 10-20% of the cost of a large communications satellite or military spacecraft project, lowering the launch price is not a big deal. However, $50M is a big amount of money in any budget and if SpaceX shows that it can do reliable launch at this price, it will have a big impact on the industry: Establishing a Price to GTO - Innerspace.net - June.22.12.

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