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Another SpaceShipTwo drop test today

29 Jun 2012, 15:31 UTC
Another SpaceShipTwo drop test today
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I just heard there was another SpaceShipTwo glide flight today at Mojave.

Here is the entry for Tuesday's drop test in the SpaceShipTwo Test Summaries:

Flight: 87 / GF17
Date: 26 Jun 12
Flight Time: 11 min, 22 sec
SS2 Pilot: Siebold SS2
CoPilot: Alsbury
GS Crew: Tighe, Bassett, Knupp, Bourgeois, Glaser, Jaster, Bozarth, Cassebeer, Fuchs, Verderame, Nichols

SS2 control surface flutter data collection
SS2 aero stability and control validation
RCS airborne functional test
Speed brake check
Frequency sweeps without dampers

All objectives achieved. Great return to flight!

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