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Space Station Spotting Fun with a @Twisst

30 Jul 2009, 05:04 UTC
Space Station Spotting Fun with a @Twisst
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This last week has been great fun for spotting the International Space Station passing over California. However, those of you that know me, I'm not much of a practical astronomer (I still don't own my own telescope, shocking). However, I'm gradually building up my astronomical skills by spending some time in the back yard, looking up.

Although I live quite close to the lights of Los Angeles, I'm far enough away to get a really good view of the night sky, especially during these warm summer nights. I've spotted some superbly bright meteors and tried my hand at spotting some constellations. But most recently, I've been on space station watch.

Using the awesome power of Twitter, I've signed up to several services that give me real-time information and my most recent subscription is to @Twisst. What's @Twisst? I'll let them explain:

Get alerts from this twitter account when international space station (ISS) will be passing over your exact location. --@twisst

And that's basically it, but it works so well. On Tuesday night for example, I received this message from @twisst at 5:50pm PST:

@astroengine ISS will cross the sky at your location at 8:45 pm! more details: http://twisst.nl/6777

So, ...

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