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Venus neareth

5 Jun 2012, 18:13 UTC
Venus neareth
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Venus as seen by the sun-observing satellite SOHO. In this picture, the sun is blocked by a disk, and the white circle indicates the location of the Sun. The trails on either side of Venus are artifacts - the planet is so bright, it dazzles the camera. Image Credit: ESA/NASA

The planet Venus is only four hours away from its date crossing the face of the Sun. Here are some last minute links and reminders:

Do you like old radio shows? Relic Radio has posted an episode of a 1957 science fiction show called The Merchant of Venus in celebration of the transit.
Want to see the transit in person? NASA's Sun-Earth Day website has a link to events around the globe.
Cloudy or night where you are? Watch the transit online! Here are a handful of links to webcasts; I'm sure there are many, many more:

NASA EDGE broadcasting from Mauna Kea, Hawaii, starting at 9:45pm UTC (5:45pm Eastern Daylight Time)
Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network will broadcast from Haleakala in Hawaii
The SLOOH SpaceCamera with images from around the world

Live in northeast Texas? Come to our public viewing at Texas A&M University - Commerce.
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