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Space Folk by some strange folk

2 Jun 2012, 02:49 UTC
Space Folk by some strange folk
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The purveyors of Stuff Monsters Like are heading to the under-populated Moon. They just need to raise $21,474,836: Space Folk Album: Lunar Aid 1985 by Jim MacKenzie — Kickstarter -

P.S. Here is the announcement of their quest for the Moon:

Stuff Monsters Like Website Joins the Space Race Against Russia
We’re buying the Moon. And if you help us raise the money, you can come live there too.

The creators of Stuff Monsters Like announce a June, 2012 Kickstarter campaign to purchase the Lunar surface, construct a Moon base, and write a folk album. Time is of the essence, because the Russians have announced their plans to permanently live on the Moon too.

Many people have asked if Stuff Monsters Like is for real.

“Hell yeah, we’re for real,” said site creators Sarah Giavedoni and Jim MacKenzie as they waved the American Flag. “Now with Russia entering the race to the Moon, this just got interesting.”

Stuff Monsters Like’s fundrasing campaign will run June 1 through June 30. The blog is asking for $578 billion to complete their entire journey and album. Kickstarter has limited them to asking for just over $21 million for their first round of ...

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