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Einstein@Home volunteers discover nine new radio pulsars!

31 May 2012, 13:07 UTC
Einstein@Home volunteers discover nine new radio pulsars!
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In the past weeks, Einstein@Home volunteers have discovered nine new new radio pulsars! Seven were found in data from the Parkes Multi-Beam Pulsar Survey (PMPS) and two in data from Arecibo. Congratulations to:
Robert D Burbeck (Derbyshire, UK)
Harald Buchholz (Springfield, Virginia, USA)
Andrew Fullford (Texas, USA)
Pavlo Ovchinnikov (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)
Nemo Cluster (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)
ATLAS Cluster (Hannover, Germany)
Victor1st (UK)
DuĊĦan Pirc (Domzale, Slovenia)
Riaan Strydom (South Africa)
Edelgas (Germany)
Craig G (USA)
Brian Adrian (Dade City, Florida, USA)
Frederick J. Pfitzer (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
Benjamin Rosenthal Library, Queens College, CUNY (New York City, USA)
Masor_DC (Czech Republic)
Gordon E. Hartman (US Navy Team, Dover, Pennsylvania, USA)
Eric Nietering (Dearborn, Michigan, USA)
Tim Taylor (USA)
Christoph Donat (Ingolstadt, Germany)
gone (USA)

Further details about these new discoveries can be found on this web page for PMPS discoveries and this web page for Arecibo discoveries, and will be published in due course. These discoveries bring the Einstein@Home discovery total to 22 new radio pulsars since the beginning of 2012!

Bruce Allen
Director, Einstein@Home

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