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UFO Over Chicago 2 April 2011? I Think Not

5 Apr 2011, 17:46 UTC
UFO Over Chicago 2 April 2011? I Think Not
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Last Saturday night, at 35th & Western, a woman reportedly saw "UFOS" flying in formation about 8PM. She took a video with her cell phone as evidence. The video is low quality, but it made the ABC 7 news.There are plenty of bloggers running with this, but here is my two cents. As soon as I found out the location, I knew it wasn't all that far from Midway Airport. I checked Google Maps to find out exactly how far.View Larger MapYou will have to zoom out on this map to get 35th & Western and Midway. Okay, Every night between 5-8 PM, the sky over Valparaiso gets crowded with air traffic heading into Chicago's airports. The airplanes are pretty much lined up along on one of two flight patterns; one to Midway, and one to O'Hare.This video looks a lot like what I see from home as air traffic starts their approach to Chicago. Flying objects lined up near Midway airport?!? It MUST be an alien spacecraft!!!Really? And the media is buying into this? Oh, wait. The media bought into the "Super Moon," too. Come on, now. Think about the LOGICAL possibilties before jumping to some crazy conclusion...Read more: ...

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