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Links Through Space

Carnival of Space #246 Here at LINKS THROUGH SPACE

22 Apr 2012, 19:28 UTC
Carnival of Space #246 Here at LINKS THROUGH SPACE
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Links Through SpaceCarnival of Space #246Welcome to Links Through Space, astronomy for everyone.This is the blog of our Astronomy Club here in Kustavi, FinlandWe write news about space related topics and we showcase our Astrophotographies and Timelapses.Our blog is a way for you to find new links through the Internet about Space and astronomy.So here we have it, Ladies and Gentlemen!Links Through Space is honored to declare the 246th Carnival of Space live from Kustavi Finland. OPEN!This week at the Carnival of Space we have...Quantum Vacuum Brian Wang at Nextbigfuture - Can the properties of the quantum vacuum be used to propel a spacecraft? The near term focus of the laboratory work is on gathering performance data to support development of a Q-thruster engineering prototype targeting Reaction Control System (RCS) applications with force range of 0.1-1 N with corresponding input power range of 0.3-3 kW. Up first will be testing of a refurbished test article to duplicate historical performance on the high fidelity torsion pendulum (1-4 mN at 10 to 40 Watts). The team is maintaining a dialogue with the ISS national labs office for an on orbit DTO.How would Q-thrusters revolutionize human exploration of the outer planets? Making minimal ...

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