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Life and Physics

It's a Wonderful Life | Jon Butterworth | Life & Physics

6 May 2012, 08:38 UTC
It's a Wonderful  Life | Jon Butterworth | Life & Physics
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Jon Butterworth: Pool and particle physics in Pennsylvania, and a live blog of an LHC night shift by Mark Tibbetts.I heard a man from the tax office on the radio yesterday, apologising to people who are having trouble getting through on the phone. It was Moneybox, which comes on while I am making lunch and waiting for the News Quiz, and is more fun and interesting than the Archers anyway.It was a typical tale of frustration. Phone charges and fines mounting up,impossible to speak to anyone on the other end. It would be even more annoying if you were calling on the Vodafone network, I suppose. I began to feel a bit sorry for HMRC man. My sympathy grew when the interviewer asked him something like: "Aren't the problems because budget cuts meant you had to fire lots of staff?"I could visualise the rictus grin, as like any junior manager or senior public servant, he had to cheerfully promise to do more with less. Apparently no, they are going to be more efficient. Hooray!I suppose there's a similar discussion going on in passport control, where they have apparently been told to increase border security, reduce queues, and fire staff. Like ...

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