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Pillow Astronaut

Science Comedian!

9 Apr 2012, 21:10 UTC
Science Comedian!
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You know how, every now and then, you just stumble across something smothered in EPIC AWESOME and you think, wow... this has been around awhile -- how did I miss it? It just happened to me this past weekend.A new pal from Twitter sent me the link to a hilarious video featuring a "science comedian" ... what, what? How did this fly under my radar for so long? How did I miss this bandwagon? And why don't we have MORE science comedians?And now that I am in the San Francisco Bay area, where he is also based, here's hoping I get a chance to see him perform live sometime soon! We should have booked him for SpaceUpSF!After getting stuck on Malow's YouTube Channel for over an hour, I decided to order his Comedy CD and read some of his past blog posts, which are pretty entertaining! Would you believe this guy even makes Pluto's demotion sound funny? Of course, it's not funny. But it is.He riffs on Amish.com (seriously), neutrino definitions, Thomas Edison, evolution, karma, space exploration and totally won me over straight into groupie status with his spots on one of my favorite writers, Philip K. Dick! His comedy ...

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