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Behind the Site: spaceappschallenge.org

6 Apr 2012, 05:36 UTC
Behind the Site: spaceappschallenge.org
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If you follow openNASA, you’ve no doubt heard of the International Space Apps Challenge – our global codeathon taking place on all seven continents and in space next month. Two weeks ago, we launched a new website for the Challenge that allows visitors to sign up for events, view and submit challenges, and learn more about the event. We put a lot of effort in to making it cutting edge by using the latest web technologies and standards to provide an excellent user experience. This post will showcase just some of the methods we used to make the site, and give you some ideas for creating one yourself.

The Methodology
One of the biggest challenges in creating the site was that, due to our global audience, we had to ensure the site is compatible and accessible across a wide range of devices, screen sizes, and internet speeds. The site is fully responsive, meaning that by using some HTML and CSS trickery, we’re able to serve up different designs depending on the user’s screen size. Try it now – visit spaceappschallenge.org on a smartphone and a desktop at the same time. You’ll see two different designs, even though each uses the ...

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