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Mars and Me

Captain's Log, Supplemental: All Good Things

21 Mar 2012, 05:28 UTC
Captain's Log, Supplemental: All Good Things
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Just to give y'all a heads-up ... I wrote these blog posts contemporaneously with the events they describe, five years ago as you read them. At some point, though, I simply ran out of time to keep up. That point was five years ago, early next month. So in a couple of weeks or so, a few posts from now, the entries will run out, and this blog will see no new posts after that.Happily, of course, MER goes on ... and on and on and on. Five years after these events, we're a rover down, but Opportunity continues exploring Mars. Just today I heard a presentation on how the radio-science work she's doing over the winter (her fourth Martian winter!) is helping to pin down the internal structure of the planet she's made her home these eight years and counting. And Spirit still continues to make science news and to contribute to graduate students' Ph.D. dissertations -- and continues to inspire us all to do more and better than we ever imagined we could.In a couple of weeks, then, I'll say some farewells. But we're not there just yet. For now, this journey continues, just as Opportunity's does.

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