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The Discovery Enterprise

Prehistoric Park -The Bug House

17 Mar 2012, 07:05 UTC
Prehistoric Park -The Bug House
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(The Giant Dragonfly)

Today on Discovery Enterprise we present the fifth
exciting episode of Prehistoric Park,
featuring British wildlife presenter Nigel Marven, throwing himself into the
ultimate challenge: going back in time to rescue prehistoric animals from
extinction and bringing them back to the ultimate wildlife sanctuary.

In this instalment of Prehistoric Park
Nigel goes back some of the largest insects that ever infested the Earth such
as - the Giant Dragonfly and the Giant Scorpion.

Isle of Arran in
300 million years ago, Carboniferous.

encountered: Meganeura (identified as Giant Dragonfly) Arthropleura
Pulmonoscorpius (identified as Giant Scorpion) Crassigyrinus.

Pulmonoscorpius (The Giant Scorpion)

In the park, Bob
puts the two imprinted baby Ornithomimus in an enclosure with the other baby
Ornithomimus and tells them to stay there, one nips his leg. The Smilodon are
in adjacent enclosures. The male wants the female, but the more mature female
is not interested, either ignoring him or acting aggressively towards him.

Nigel goes to
modern Arran (in a large RIB with an A-frame
and a steering wheel), and sees a fossil Arthropleura track in rock. He talks
about what Arran was 300,000,000 years ago.

He goes back to

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