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Double the Space Budget?

1 Mar 2012, 16:58 UTC
Double the Space Budget?
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Neil Tyson wants to double NASA's budget. Would that solve the problem with America's space program?

Valuable and reachable goals on reasonable timescales: Cislunar space
Astronomer Neil Tyson, a friend dating from the Aldridge Commission, recently appeared on Comedy Central’s Daily Show to promote his new book. During the program, Neil suggested that NASA’s budget should be doubled. He made the point that the current total budget for the civil space program is less than one-half of one percent, so doubling the budget would still result in less than one percent spending on space. Neil believes that a strong, vigorous space program inspires the next generation to take up scientific and technical studies, fields of endeavor vital to our nation’s future. Initially taken aback, Jon Stewart, the show’s host, ending the segment by proclaiming Tyson his preferred choice for President in 2012.
The very thought of a doubled space budget is one to start the salivary glands of most space cadets watering overtime. Think of all the missions we could do! No more either Space Launch System (SLS) or commercial launch – we do both! No longer either James Webb telescope or Mars missions – we do both! All ...

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