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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 1114

20 Feb 2012, 19:04 UTC
Spirit Sol 1114
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Damn, we nailed that drive. The rock's right in front of us, right smack dab where it's supposed to be, ready for us to give it a working-over with the IDD.But will we? The IDD diagnostic we did on 1109 gave us troubling results -- no news, which in this case is bad news. We tried touching the MB to the soil, and we got nothing. The images and telemetry agree that there was simply no contact.Now, that's weird. We really should have seen contact. This makes no sense.Whether it makes sense or not, the consequence is that we can't rely on the MB to sense contact now.[1] That means a lot of IDD work has to get put on hold -- we can't place either the MB or the APXS, and we can't touch soil at all. It's RAT, MI, or nothing. Indeed, it's worse than that. Since we're not sure what the failure is, until we've done more analysis we're not sure it's safe to move the IDD at all.The question for the science team is whether they're willing to wait here until the analysis is done, or move on. It's a painful choice, since we worked so ...

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