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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 1103

9 Feb 2012, 11:48 UTC
Spirit Sol 1103
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Hot damn! She can still dance!I can't sleep, of course, so I get up and check out the downlink. It takes me a couple of minutes to realize that the reason it looks funny is that she made it, and then some. The reason I don't see a big churn of soil right in front of us is that it's at the other end of a long drag mark, meters away now.Not only did she turn completely around, but she also managed to complete nearly the entire bonus drive.Baby, I'll never underestimate you again. That's a promise.What do you do with a rover this feisty? You give her a bigger challenge. And that's what we're up to today. Continuing to follow her old tracks back toward Home Plate, we plot a course that slaloms backward -- northwest, west, northwest again -- for a total of 11 meters or so. Part of that, again, is bonus driving; we'll take it if we can get it, but we don't expect to ... wait a minute, what did I just say? I'm not doubting you, baby, I promise!For all that, it's not a particularly complicated day. We've been developing a reusable library of ...

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