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Dear Astronomer

Carnival of Space #234

30 Jan 2012, 22:31 UTC
Carnival of Space #234
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Welcome to another installment of The Carnival of Space! Here’s some highlights of space and astronomy news from the past week. We’ve got great stories on black holes, leap seconds, interstellar travel, solar storms, Newt Skywalker’s lunar base plan, and more!
Starting off this week’s Carnival is from Next Big Future, where researchers describe a new system for a society of highly advanced civilizations around a super massive black hole (SMBH), as an advanced Type III “Dyson Sphere,” pointing out an efficient usage of energy for the advanced civilizations. SMBH also works as a sink for waste materials. It would produce 100 million times the power of a dyson sphere around our sun. Check out the full article at: http://nextbigfuture.com/2012/01/type-iii-dyson-sphere-of-highly.html
Next up, Urban Astronomer reports that The Goddard Institute for Space Studies have released their annual global surface temperature report and, unsurprisingly, showed that 2011 was one of the hottest years on record. That puts 9 out of the top ten in the 21st century so far. Read more at: http://www.urban-astronomer.com/Urban-Astronomer-Updates/2011amonghottestyearsonrecord
Coronal Mass ejection from our Sun. Image credit: NASA/SOHOLinks through Space reports on the recent Sun storms and Solar flares. The Sun is exploding CRAZY! Recently, The Sun ejected ...

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