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Opportunity Sol 1071 (Spirit Sol 1091)

28 Jan 2012, 03:53 UTC
Opportunity Sol 1071 (Spirit Sol 1091)
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I have good news and bad news. And good news. And bad news. And good news.The good news is, we got satisfactory results from our VO test. Wiggle-and-scuff produced good results, so we're going to use that for our drives in this area for a while. (And indeed, it was used for yestesol's drive, which I wasn't on shift for. And it kept working.)The bad news is, the drunken-sailor test didn't work.But the good news is, that's due to a simple flight software bug in the command that tells the rover which arcs are allowed. And it's a bug that we can probably compensate for, so drunken-sailor isn't out of the running (or staggering) yet.The bad news is, we can't take advantage of our success by driving thisol. We need to take PCAM images from this spot before we can move again -- they're needed for long-baseline stereo -- and we need NCAMs to target those PCAMs. And the NCAMs aren't down yet.The good news is, the NCAMs eventually come down after all -- stuck in a pipe somewhere in the intarweb, or something. Whatever. We're driving!Well, maybe it's a bit of a stretch to call it a drive. It's ...

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