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Above the Clouds

Sunspot #1024

5 Jul 2009, 18:08 UTC
Sunspot #1024 SOHO MDI (ESA/NASA)
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Once again,the sun is begining to show signs of activity.I received another email from Spaceweather.com about the sudden appearance of sunspot #1024 which has been growing quickly.According to the site,solar class C flares have been almost constant in the sunspot region,giving astronomers around the world a chance to dust off their scopes and image a not so quiet sun.My initial reaction to the new activity was of utter disbelief as I looked at the new spots on the SOHO website which is a great site for real time images of the sun.The magnetic polarity of these new spots indicates that they are the newest members of Solar cycle 24 which,is becoming more intense as the solar jet stream stimulates sunspot production.

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