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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 1082

18 Jan 2012, 21:56 UTC
Spirit Sol 1082
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"According to Brenda," Khaled tells me, "we're doing a tool change from MB to APXS, and that's it for the three sols."Khaled and Brenda turn out to be right. You could say it's an easy sol.But in our wonted way, we put the spare time to good use. At my request, Paolo has started to lay out an approach back to Tyrone, the spot where we bogged down on the way to McCool Hill. We won't be going into the scary soft stuff, but we're going to try to get close enough for the MTES to get good pictures of the unusually high-sulfur sand we churned up there. Then we'll turn around and head for Home Plate.So we stand in front of this enormous printout of the winter panorama, and start drawing imaginary lines on it. Yeah, we could follow our old tracks here, but that would take us too close to these big rocks with a not-terribly-maneuverable rover. So we have to go this way, but we'll have to watch out so we don't anchor the wheel on this cluster of pebbles over here. We should drive to that mound, no farther, and halfway there we should assess whether ...

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