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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 1079

15 Jan 2012, 19:57 UTC
Spirit Sol 1079
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I haven't worked with Khaled for a while. He's in fine form, still struggling a little but well on his way to being a full RP again. Today is all IDD work, and it should give him a decent workout.The first sol's nothing: just pick the APXS up and put it down about 1cm away. It's the second sol that causes all the trouble.We've got three IDD targets to choose from, spread across the face of the ridge that forms part of the Troll feature. Target 1, off to the right, is the science team's preferred target, and we can reach it pretty well, though we have to disable the wheel-volume collision checks to do it. Target 2, off to the left, is at the very limit of reachability, and is in fact unreachable by the APXS. Target 3, in the middle, is easy to reach but least interesting to the scientists. So we go with Target 1.Only we discover, partway through sequencing, something we really should have noticed at the outset. There's a projecting knob of rock to the right of Target 1, so when we put the MB on that target, the APXS nearly collides with the knob. ...

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