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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 1037

3 Dec 2011, 16:13 UTC
Spirit Sol 1037
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And off we go. Our big goal for the day is just to turn from a heading of 167 to a heading of 270, the first piece of our Esperanza drive. If everything goes exactly as planned, we'll end up straddling the shelf that was off to our right when we were at Winter Haven. In the best case, we'll also try to bump about 1m back along the shelf, just to see how that goes -- but if it doesn't get a chance to run due to time constraints, that'll be fine with us.Happily, we're up to a whopping 357 W-hr. Well, that really is whopping, for Spirit these days. That number keeps climbing, and as it does, we'll be able to move more and more. And as drives like this one build our confidence, I hope we'll be able to drive more and more confidently.[Next post: sol 1039 (Opportunity sol 1019), December 5.]

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