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The Collaboration Project

2 Dec 2011, 02:04 UTC
The Collaboration Project
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You don’t have to be in orbit to have an orbital perspective.

This post by Ron Garan and the Collaboration Project team is one amazing way NASA is partnering with innovators and world-changers to take the perspective, insight, and technology we have from space and make the world a better, safer, more beautiful place.

For thousands of years of human history, the vast majority of people in the world believed that it was impossible to fly to the Moon – simply because it had never been done before. Up until about 50 years ago people would have thought you were crazy to suggest we could go to the Moon, but human ingenuity and the determination of the human spirit proved that it was possible. Today, many people believe that it is impossible to solve the problems of the world. It is widely believed that is impossible to lift the poor out of poverty. ‘There have always been poor in the world and there always will be,’ they say. If we can land on the Moon and return to Earth safely, if nations can join together and build an enormous research facility in orbit, we can, by working together, solve ...

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