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Mars and Me

Opportunity Sol 1009 (Spirit Sol 1029)

25 Nov 2011, 10:56 UTC
Opportunity Sol 1009 (Spirit Sol 1029)
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I'm not on shift today, so I decide to run an errand and go in a little late. While I'm running the errand, my cell phone rings. It's Al Herrera."Hey, are you on Lab?" he asks. That's never good news."Nope.""Well, uh, Ashitey was scheduled to be RP-1 today, and he's not here. And he's not answering his cell phone."Now, that's as unusual as all get-out. "I'll be right in," I tell him. Tara -- RP-2 today -- is there, and she can hold the fort until I arrive. But I'm awfully worried. Ashitey's as reliable as they come; if he's not there, he's probably dead in a ditch. And don't think I'm kidding.The terrain mesh is just amazing. We're perched near the rim of Victoria Crater, looking out into it, looking across the crater at another promontory. We could damn near drive over there if we wanted to, and if we thought we could somehow descend safely into the thing from here.Instead, we'll be hauling ass in the other direction, mostly away from the crater. The plan is to make lots of progress toward our next imaging position, but to end this drive well away from the crater, to give ...

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