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Opportunity Sol 1000 (Spirit Sol 1019)

15 Nov 2011, 04:20 UTC
Opportunity Sol 1000 (Spirit Sol 1019)
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I called dibs on the Opportunity "Now Planning Sol 1000" sheet -- and got it. So I have the set.Dibs is a very powerful concept.I shouldn't actually be working today, but Sharon, who's our team chief and therefore handles the schedules (among many other things), is a woman of her word. They changed when they were going to plan sol 1000 -- that was originally scheduled to be tomorrow, but for complicated reasons they decided to plan it a day in advance, so it's getting done today. Sharon had promised me I'd get to work on sol 1000 on both rovers, so as soon as she heard about the change, she came to me to alert me to it, and see who I wanted to bump so I'd be on shift.Jeng and Antonio were RP-1 and RP-2, and Tara was shadowing. So who did I want to bump off the list? Well, what kind of a person would I be -- what kind of a team lead would I be -- if I took away the fun of planning sol 1000 from someone else? So I had Sharon add me to the list as a second shadow.And here I am, ...

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