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Jupiter and a washed out sky

9 Nov 2011, 17:20 UTC
Jupiter and a washed out sky
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My main goal was to see and capture images of the NEO 2005 YU55 last night.Sadly,due to it’s quick appearance, lack of accurate coordinates and a rather washed out sky.I was unable to get a glimpse of this tiny (compared to other NEO’s) asteroid.I know I was in the correct area but,since the moon’s brightness managed to reduce the my seeing to probably around +4 mag.Meaning,I was barely able to see Alberio with the naked eye.After spending some time searching in vain I decided to call it quits and set my sights on a more familiar target which was Jupiter.
Jupiter seemed quite proud as it followed the moon in it’s endless trek across the sky.Despite the ground fog that began rolling in at 10pm the seeing was good enough to capture a few images of this gas giant.
Proud Jupiter

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