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Twisted Physics

World's First Weightless Wedding

22 Jun 2009, 19:00 UTC
World's First Weightless Wedding
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Some kind of space history was made over the weekend, as NYC couple Erin Finnegan and Noah Fulmor exchanged wedding vows while in zero gravity aboard G-Force One -- affectionately known as "the vomit comet." The aircraft flew a series of 15 parabolas, resulting in five "weightless" intervals of 30 seconds. The quickie ceremony was performed during those intervals, with some room for second takes just in case, say, the bride or groom threw up.At heart, the vomit comet is the world's most awesome roller coaster, taking such extreme lifts and dips in its parabolic trajectory that it can achieve a reasonably sustained freefall (about 20-30 seconds of freefall out of every 65 seconds). The ride starts with a steep, 45-degree climb, followed by a dip downward, during which those precious moments of weightlessness can be experienced. Getting married in zero gravity does present some unique challenges to a wedding planner. Finnegan wore a specially designed gown with a tiered skirt designed to billow out in all directions -- with pants underneath so the bride need not worry about revealing her undergarments as she tumbled about for the full weightless experience. They couldn't get insurance for the wedding, although it ...

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