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Opportunity Sol 959 (Spirit Sol 980)

6 Oct 2011, 02:35 UTC
Opportunity Sol 959 (Spirit Sol 980)
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The drive went beautifully, or so we think. We got a nice PCAM of the slab of rock we're targeting, just 6m away. The bad news is that we didn't get the HAZCAMs for some reason. One of the other RPs floats the idea of driving even without them, prompting Steve to tease, "Are the PIs more conservative than the RPs now?" But, I say, "Nope: we don't drive without the HAZCAMs."Steve agrees. "We drove aggressively so that we would have a margin day. Let's use it."That becomes the default plan. But it gets under my skin. We worked hard on yestersol's drive, and it worked, damn it. I hate being stymied by something like this. So I go down to MDOT and ask them what happened to our data. Sometimes it didn't make it to the spacecraft for one reason or another, but sometimes it's just a ground processing problem of some description -- a server needs to be restarted, or something. It's worth asking, especially since I won't have anything else to do if the HAZCAMs are truly missing.The answer from MDOT is that the data made it from Opportunity to Odyssey (our relay orbiter), but they're not ...

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